Register for 2024 Show

To Enter the park

Enter the park from Division St,

Option 1) University Ave: From Division St., Go 1 Block North of the park entrance, turn left before Sonic on University, Right on 1st, Left on Lincoln, Left on 2nd

Option 2) Lincoln Ave: From Division St., Go 2 Blocks North of the park entrance, past Sonic and Shine’s Kwik Lube, turn left on Lincoln, Left on 2nd

Option 3) Grant Ave, Go 3 Blocks North of the park entrance, past the Dry Clean Super Center, turn left on Grant, Left on 2nd

$20 Registration from 8-11 (Park in desired spot, then go to the pavilion to register)

  • SAVE MONEY!!! Save $5 by registering online (Registration will be $25 the day of event)

Goodie/Swag bags to registrants, while supplies last

  • (Pre-registers first, then new registers. Typically 200 bags available)

Be sure to enter a car club affiliation! The Car Club with the most registered vehicle wins $200!

There is a Registration Only Prize Drawing

Raffle Tickets

Raffle Prizes drawn every 1/2 hour

Raffle Grand Prize

50/50 pot (all money from ticket sales will be calculated and split; half to winner, half donated to a charitable cause)


Food Trucks


Games: Adult Winner and Child (12 & under) Winner

Unfold a frozen t-shirt and put it on the fastest to win the t-shirt, a prize, and 5 raffle tickets.

Hula-Hoop Contest, whoever goes the longest wins a prize and 5 raffle tickets.


Trivia Prizes, Questions asked about every 20 minutes

Trophy Presentation

Custom, hand made trophies for first and second place

(not all classes place 2nd)

Cars Pre-19391st & 2nd
Cars 1940-19541st & 2nd
Cars 1955-19571st & 2nd
Cars 1958-19651st & 2nd
Cars 1966-19751st & 2nd
Cars 1976-19851st & 2nd
Cars 1986-20001st & 2nd
Cars 2001-Present1st & 2nd
Mustangs1st & 2nd
Camaros1st & 2nd
Corvettes1st & 2nd
Imports Pre-19851st & 2nd
Imports 1986-Present1st & 2nd
Trucks Pre-19591st & 2nd
Trucks 1960-19801st & 2nd
Trucks 1981-Present1st & 2nd
Motorcycles Pre – 20001st Only
Motorcycles American1st Only
Motorcycles Foreign1st Only
Motorcycles Custom1st Only
No Class1st & 2nd
Muscle Cars1st & 2nd
Rat Rods1st & 2nd
Volkswagens1st & 2nd
Porsches1st & 2nd
Off-road Vehicles1st & 2nd
Movie Cars & Trucks1st & 2nd
Unfinished1st & 2nd
Daily Drivers1st & 2nd
Ladies Only1st & 2nd
Street Rods1st & 2nd
Homemade / Homebuilt1st & 2nd
Little Rides1st & 2nd  
Best In Show (By People’s Choice and Judges) 
People’s Choice (By Popular Vote) 


Come see some great rides in a beautiful shaded park. Mineral Wells Park is located at 901 S Division St. in Guthrie, OK 73044. There are tennis courts, a basketball court, playground equipment, and splash pads. Feel free to bring coolers, chairs, and canopies.

There are restrooms on site in three locations.


Money received from t-shirt and trophy sponsors will go towards the purchase of those items. The food trucks are funded by their sales. The park does not charge a fee for use. Other costs, such as insurance, port-a-potties, advertising, marketing, water for volunteers, t-shirts for volunteers, meals for volunteers, dash plaques and all other expenses are offset by donations of prizes and bag items, and by sponsors, and funding provided by Tim’s Body Worx. Tim’s Body Worx and the Car Show Team work hard every year to make this a memorable event. We could not do this without help from our sponsors and donations. Guthrie Road Celebration is a 501(c)6 non-profit. Thank you for your support!

Call Body Worx at 405-282-5014 to become a t-shirt sponsor ($250), sponsor a trophy ($50), or donate prizes or money for the the raffle drawings.