US-77 (Division St) paved.

US-77 was the first highway in Oklahoma to be paved entirely across the state from state line to state line. It has been a paved roadway since 1930. [1]


I-35 through Guthrie Established

Some sections of I-35 in Oklahoma City were already built in 1953, before the Interstate system was created.[3] Following the passage of the Federal Highway Act of 1956 that created the Interstate Highway System, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation approved the location of the future interstate north of Oklahoma City to the Kansas state line on a route previously surveyed by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority for a proposed toll road. As a free road, the first five miles (8 km) of that section of I-35 were opened to traffic in 1958 from US-177 near Braman north to the Kansas border where it continued as the Kansas Turnpike. This was followed by completion of the entire route from Oklahoma City northward to Braman by 1963 in several phases including Edmond to Guthrie in 1960, Guthrie to Perry in 1961, Perry to Blackwell in 1962 and Blackwell to Braman in early 1963.[2]

1982 & 1983

Street Kings Motor Club Car Show at Jelsma Stadium in Guthrie, OK

Provided by T. Hawkins, SKMC
See how many cars you can spot in this wide angle picture of the 1983 SKMC Car Show in the Jelsma Stadium in Guthrie.

Timothy Hawkins : “So the story goes that the SKMC did the April 89ers shows at the stadium in 1982 and 1983 but due to our age and several misunderstandings the Guthrie school board and the City of Guthrie council denied us access again to the stadium or the use of Guthrie proper. And our bank account was embezzled by a former member, [Lucifer as he is now known forever more to the OG SKMC,] and the Historic Society was new and wanting to draw in crowds and shoppers to the old down town district, they came up with a way to do so by hiring a independent person [Todd Rasmussen] to put it on and put it on he did! Great shows and folks flooding the down town, but get this, when they found out the money he was making they decided on a different way and that was by forming a new car club [the Flashbacks] to mirror his success and they had been in charge of the “Road Show Celebration” from 1986-2018, and did a great job by the way. I am looking forward to the continuing of the Road Show Celebration under the direction of the new team. Their events in the past have been great so it is a win win for all I believe.”

Do you know why the name Guthrie Road Celebration? We heard to celebrate the “new road”?

Timothy Hawkinsbadge iconMy understanding is that it was a play on words as in getting out for Route 66 vibe but really to celebrate the vintage historical Guthrie old down town and of course, one must remember the “Historical Society” of Guthrie has had a major impact helping to get grants and restoration of the old buildings by establishing the historical district. Todd Rasmussen had the vision to take it even further and I believe if he had remained in charge it would be a top state level event like that of Eureka Springs or such. The posters were a great idea that were done by artist and actually sold at the events. All kinds of vendors showed up as well, live music in the evenings, that sort of atmosphere was the goal over the long haul is my understanding.

Timothy Hawkins Street Kings Motor Club

September 23, 2020  · SKMC 1982 Car Show in the Jelsma Stadium in Guthrie OK. This flier was drawn by our very own Steven Rogers. The phone numbers were 282-1404 (Ben Friar’s house) 282-6276 (Wallar’s Auto Parts) 282-4237 (Stan Phillips Auto Parts) and finally the only still active same number same member 282-6503, Steven Rogers. How cool is that? The show was quite the undertaking for a bunch of kids and we pulled off several but the fun stories during those times abound! Security was by Gary Winn aka “the Big Happy” and John Hawkins sr, ask Happy for those stories! Ha!



The Flashbacks Car Club approached the team at Tim’s Body Worx and asked if we would be willing to continue the Guthrie Road Celebration and we graciously accepted.